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Independent - Whole of market product offering
Independence. Whole of market. Unbiased research.
For the right client, independent advice represents a premium service without compromise. But meeting the hurdles for adviser independence is not just a tick box exercise.
With a heritage of supporting high-quality independent financial advice, In Partnership knows what it takes to stay on the right side of the regulator and the product marketplace.
Independent financial advisers are fully supported at In Partnership. Our compliance guidance will help you confidently offer an independent model, we have a broad range of pre-researched solutions to choose from, plus we supply the technology you need to support your independent research.
> Robust, unobtrusive compliance
> Technology to support independence
> Over 500 pre-researched investment solutions
Real choice
We stand for high quality advice across all trading styles. In Partnership has a robust legacy of supporting independent advice for quality advisers in the UK.
Today we remain as committed as ever to adviser independence; at a time when other networks and adviser communities are limiting choice.
Valued Support
The hurdles for independence continue to grow higher, and the support we deliver to advisers and their clients keeps pace.
Robust compliance:
The In Partnership compliance team is more than a tireless advocate for advisers delivering high-quality advice. They also work with advisers to help them validate their independence on an ongoing basis. Through our leading T&C program we make sure that advisers holding themselves out to be independent evidence it, to the regulator and to their clients.
Pre-researched solutions:
A whole of market trading style deserves a broad solution, and to support this breadth, In Partnership has a due diligence process in place to assist advisers in validating fund choices. As part of this due diligence we deliver to advisers a strong set of pre-researched investment products and services.
> 200+ core solutions funds
> 400+ single strategy funds
> Due Diligence - Additional due diligence on life, pensions, SRI funds and more

Technology that supports independence:
In the post-RDR world advisers offering independent advice face unprecedented scrutiny. That’s why we’ve chosen Synaptic Fusion as our research system for advisers seeking to evidence their delivery of robust independent advice.

With our Synaptic Fusion system, advisers can easily deliver asset allocation based on attitude to risk as well as generate capacity for loss information based on the individual client solution.

With this system advisers can:
> Partner with solution providers and utilise multi-manager, multi-asset portfolio solutions
> Craft completely bespoke solutions and opt for a DIY approach to contructing portfolios
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