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To best support your clients, you need the security of strong compliance and a stable network. We can help you de-risk your business with our rigorous compliance support, and we enjoy the backing of Russell Investments, a global asset manager.
Robust Compliance Team
Our experienced compliance team is robust without being intrusive. Their rigour has ensured that the network has a strong relationship with the regulator and no sanctions since inception. You’ll get dedicated compliance support from our team who will always be able to help.
> Insights to help you de-risk your business
> Pre-sale approval and guidance on difficult cases
> Knowledgeable team with office and local field support
> Regulatory updates
> Share good practice

"In Partnership's support has freed up a significant amount of my time, allowing me to spend more time on the things that I enjoy and that my clients really value"

Kristian Bridgeman, In Partnership Adviser

Fully integrated technology

You’ll find our research software is fully integrated with our proprietary CRM system. As the audit trail is built in, when used properly it will help you demonstrate the robustness of your advice. All information is backed up remotely for additional peace of mind.

> Research software fully-integrated for investments, pensions and life cover
> Full audit trail in-built
> All your data is backed up remotely
> Daily reconciled Commission and Fees statement showing daily payments
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