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Select- When considering a bespoke restricted proposition why compromise?
In Partnership Select offers advisers the ability to adopt a robust, pre-screened panel as well as the flexibility to craft their own restricted offering.
This trading style combines the power of a panel with the flexibility of a comprehensive offering. Advisers can use this proposal as a starting point and bespoke it for their needs.
A simplified research process and a variety of improved terms for clients are just the beginning of the conversation.
We’re here to help you take the next step. Call us today to talk about how this proposition could fit your business.
Simplicity for your business. Value for your clients.
Our Select model is designed for advisers seeking to deliver high-quality advice via a trading style that combines the power of a panel with the flexibility of a wider offering.

Many advisers use our network defined Select model as the starting point for building their client proposition and bespoke it to their needs. This proposal is built around our proprietary Investment Solutions list, which represents over 500 regularly reviewed funds from a variety of categories. Multi-manager, multi-asset, active, passive – are all represented on the list, meaning that we have a robust selection of strategies to benefit your clients and your business.

The unique ability to bespoke this means that you can add additional solutions from our security list and ultimately build your own tailored investment strategy to complement your client offering.
A wide selection of products and providers
With In Partnership Select you retain maximum control of your business with minimum limitation.

Do you prefer a certain investment, pension or annuity provider? Perhaps your clients have a good history with certain mortgage or protection firms?

Chances are they’re on our panel. If they aren’t, let us know and we’ll work with you to create a selection of products and providers tailored to meet your needs. Your business, your choice.
Numbers that add up for clients and their advisers
We believe in adviser choice. That’s why we’ve assembled best-of-breed products and providers along with the ability to bespoke a restricted offering that is right for your business.

We offer a negotiated set of terms for many of these solutions, reflecting both the economies of scale of our network as well as the global reach of Russell Investments, our parent company.

Advisers enjoy the ability to service legacy clients in way that is best for the client and de-risks their business. Having a robust panel of pre-screened solutions, offered at a great value to clients, is a good way to manage business risk while preserving choice.
Simple research, powerful tools
We’ve partnered with Synaptic Fusion offering a comprehensive research system that can withstand the most critical regulatory and client scrutiny.

This system also integrates with our proprietary CRM and commissions tools, meaning all your most important information is in one place and payments continue to be made to you on a daily basis.
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